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Company incorporation in Tanzania involves three main steps;

  1. Preparation of Documents, this includes Memorandum and Articles of association, obtaining consolidated form generated from Online Registration System (ORS), and Integrity, a declaration form, Form no 14 (b),  and ethics form,
  2. All the documents stated in paragraph 1 above, will have to be signed by Directors and subscribers accordingly  while others will have to be notarized by a commissioner for oaths and notary public,
  3. Lodging of all company documents with the Registrar of companies through ORS accompanied by payment of prescribed fees (Application fees, Registration fee and Stamp duty)
  4. Obtaining of a Certificate  of incorporation which is issued directly from online registration system (ORS)

In order to start company registration assignment, these are the key requirements:-

a) Company name search and reservation; this is not mandatory but always we advise to be done with the view of ascertaining whether  the name is suitable for registration and if is found suitable, then we pay for reservation to avoid from being taken/registered by other persons. A client is advised to propose at least three (3) different names and after name search a client will choose which one to proceed with;

b) The specific business activity of the company (Company objectives);

c) The physical address of the company (this includes land reference/block number, house number, plot number, if any, or room number, Floor, Building, street/road). For incorporation purpose we offer the use of our virtual office at reasonable pay. After a company has established its physical presence (address) in Tanzania, we undertake to notify the respective authorities about that change;

d) The contact address of the company which should include the postal and physical address, telephone number and email address;

e) Particulars of each intended Shareholder, Director and Company Secretary

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